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Gisy Lake House. PHOQ Sessions #001
[Night Session, Wat De Phoq]


Soc Son, 

Phoq Creative Studio 

 PHOQ Sessions, a project combining music and video is intended to promote electronic music in Vietnam, in a culture where it remains still marginal and unknown. We also aim to highlight all kind of cultural and environmental heritage and all various local initiatives. The collective is therefore looking for collaborations in different asian cities

This time we landed in Soc Son, Vietnam, for a lovely sunny afternoon at GISY Lakehouse, a hybrid venue where you can find rooms to sleepover, a hand-made clothes and accessories shop and a restaurant. It's one of the favorite stops for bike riders around the region.

NIGHT mix with entertainers Jean-Michel Groove & Olivier Boogie, from Wat De Phởq [Studio Klito, VN]. 

Production _ PCS (Phoq Creative Studio)
Creative Director _ Thibaut Rabier, Julien Boulay
Camera Director _  Valentin Orange
Post-Production Director _ Valentin Orange

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