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Kecho Collective. PHOQ Sessions #003 
[Marco Yanes, Hum, IT]



Phoq Creative Studio 

 PHOQ Sessions, a project combining music and video is intended to promote electronic music in Vietnam, in a culture where it remains still marginal and unknown. We also aim to highlight all kind of cultural and environmental heritage and all various local initiatives. The collective is therefore looking for collaborations in different asian cities

The video takes place inside one of the most iconic architecture symbols in Vietnam, the KTT (Khu Tap The). The KTTs are socialist housing buildings from the 60s that throughout time encountered many transformations from their habitants. Nowadays, the KTTs look more like abstract pieces of art where history translates into metal and scrap boxes that jump off the facade.

In this session, italian sexy shirtness Marco Yanes [HUM, IT] delivers a hybrid live mix with his Octatrak Synth for a first Gặpering edition at the newly opened architecture hub Kecho Collective in Hanoï, Vietnam. 

Production _ PCS (Phoq Creative Studio)
Creative Director _ Thibaut Rabier, Julien Boulay
Camera Director _  Thibaut Rabier, Valentin Orange
Post-Production Director _ Julien Boulay

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