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LOS MENTOS. The Vanishing Jockstrap

date. 2020

city. Hanoi

Phoq Creative Studio 

2008, Guadalajara, a peaceful Mexican borough, is troubled by a mysterious disappearance. Dive into the adventures of El Chocho Guapo and his most faithful companion El Bandido Loco, in search of the missing Cariñoo.

An absurd, joyful and emotional short film, written and directed by George&Maurice.

Initially as a 5 episode Web-Series, which ended-up condensed into a 22min short-film. You can find the separate 5 episodes on Phoq TV's instagram.

Production _ PCS (Phoq Creative Studio)
Creative Direction _ Thibaut Rabier, Julien Boulay
Camera Operator _ Thibaut Rabier
Post-Production _ Julien Boulay

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