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OUISSAM. PHOQ Sessions #008
|Equation Festival @Mo Luong Cave|


Mai Chau 
Hoa Binh

Phoq Creative Studio 

After travelling Vietnam top to bottom, Phoq Creative Studio and Phoq TV were back with their 8th edition of Phoq Sessions.

Aiming to bring a spotlight to the largely uncharted cultural, musical, as well as environmental landscapes of Vietnam, this latest rendez-vous in a natural cave in Mai Chau, northern Vietnam, will carry you back to the prehistoric era, starring Ouissam [Savage, Equation, Cliché Records, FR].

Production _ PCS (Phoq Creative Studio)
Executive Producer _ Thibaut Rabier

Creative Director _  Julz Cruz
Camera Director _ Valentin Orange
Projection Visuals _ Diego Lazy (Travis Cohan)

Post-Production Director _ Julien Boulay 

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