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@PHU QUOC, Vietnam.

"Spanning 16 minutes, Shun's Odyssey tells the story of Shun, a Japanese employee at a call centre in Hanoi. Through a series of encounters with quirky characters, played by various members of the local electronic music landscape, Shun inadvertently embarks on an adventure that leads him to Phú Quốc Odyssey, an actual New Year's Eve festival that takes place on the southern Vietnamese island of Phú Quốc Shot on-location, the film combines a dreamlike plot with real-life industry players in an effort to unite the country's diverse music figures.

The protagonist Shun is played by Shuntaro Arakawa, a well-loved partygoer known for his high stamina. Manikk, music director at Hanoi venue Mirage, DJ/promoter Manuel Orkestar, Mishouju of Hanoi label Doner Beat Records and drag queen collective Genderfunk are also featured."

- Nyshka Chandran, Resident Advisor.

Production _ PCS (Phoq Creative Studio) 
Executive Production _ Studio Adventure 
Creative Direction _ George & Maurice
Camera Operator _ Thibaut Rabier
Post-Production _ Julien Boulay 
Music _ Döner Beat Records

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