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Tristan has become a Bangkok mainstay, organizing events such as Qommon and Final Frontier, and bringing artists like La Mamie’s, Skatebård, Agonis, Oskar Offermann, Julius Steinhoff and Roza Terenzi to the city.

After two years in Melbourne, playing in clubs like Lounge, Glamorama or Revolver, he was able to connect with the Australian scene and got really inspired by what it had to offer. With his latest release on Short Black Records featuring a remix from Johannes Volk, Tristan affirmed himself as a producer. His style varies across techno, electro and house, always following the feeling of the crowd.

Interviewed by Violette Leboucq



Meeting people, one after the other, in order to get to the heart of the matter and determine if the person can be seen again.

- What is your dream name for the interview?

This is my alias when I produce music in a different style: Kristan Tino. When I’m producing tracks that roll a bit more, a bit tech-house and I’m ashamed to use my real first name, I use this alias which makes me absolutely incognito.

- What do you add to your pasta?

Tuna Paste + Fresh Cream with Pepper + Good Emmental Monoprix — It’s something I love.

- Slip or Boxer?

I'll take boxer with hanging testicles. I have a special one which is a little old with a hole in order to breathe. It's an horrible underpants to wear so I wear it only when I have to sleep.

- Without any transition - where are you located ? Why are you involved in music industry ?

I’ve been living in Bangkok for several years, but to tell the truth I am a veritable Parisian. Born in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, I lived in Claude Bernard street. One of my best buddies even turned out to be Louis aka. DJ Lo’ — Parisian DJ and notably official producer from rap music band “1995”.

As a teenager, my parents bought a house in Ibiza — in the village of Santa Augustin — where, at the time known as the White Island, you could meet Mick Jagger in a restaurant. I remember that my father prepared compilations on K7 that we were listening to together during the summer. When I was 14 my father took me to the Space — with a certain Jeff Mills behind the decks — I even got my Orange Fanta. It’s in this good-natured environment of — Platja des Cavallet — that I put my first foot in the underground nightlife culture. Even in Paris, it was every day the Miss Kittin CDs, including “Franck Sinatra 2001” and its famous “suck my dick” vocal. It’s a track that really marked me, I even recommended it to my maths teacher. He liked it. He really liked it.

Then my parents separated, my father decided to continue his life in Madrid while my mother opted for Barcelona. This situation pushes me to study between the two cities and their respective French high schools. Then I came back to Paris to work in the film industry. In the meantime, my father moved to Bangkok and invited me to come and spend some vacations there. At that time I was expecting to continue my cinematography experience in New-York but I fell madly in love with Bangkok and decided to stay there longer. One day, I was offered a job in Bali with Cara Delevingne. Delighted at the idea of going for a little tour on the island, I packed my bags and finally stayed there for a year.

When this experience ends, I feel the need to return to BKK in search of a personal and professional transition. I met Bella, with whom we today celebrate our 5 years of life together. When we met, she wanted to move to Australia. With my head in the clouds of love and romance, I have dropped out from my dreams of Broadway and flied to Melbourne.

There, I quickly immersed myself in the world of music and vinyl stores. I met Johan who quickly gave me the opportunity to release my first vinyl. I fall in love with his local music scene — with a plethora and diversity of artists of all musical genres — house, trance, downtempo, electro, acid — but reworked to their liking. Australia is far from everything — due to the high cost of bringing international artists here, the local scene has taken over and developed to fill the gap. Afterwards, we felt the need to come back to Bangkok and pursue our professional projects.

- Today, you are more and more asserting yourself as a vinyl DJ. How did you fall into it?

I’ve started vinyl in Bangkok out of passion. Some bad tongues tend to see [Vinyl Only] as a marketing tool used for promotional purposes. if it’s vinyl only it’s because the djs will only play vinyl. No need to complain about the way the party is happening.

When you play your vinyl, you have your bag and that’s EVERYTHING. It’s this limitation that fuels your creativity. When you come to a club to play USB you have more confidence — all your sounds are categorized by genre, bpm, notes… With my bag of vinyl, I prepare hundreds of vinyl, and I really try to write a story. A story based on different tempos, vinyl from different eras and different musical genres — 80/90s and newer.

When I look in my bag — and I grasp this object — each vinyl brings me a memory. There are people who collect shoes, figurines, butterflies… what I like is this circular object with an indescribable touch. I play vinyl to certainly support an industry, but it is above all a passion.

- Can you tell us the story behind this picture ?

Ahahaha. Good old Steve. It was at the Low Club — a club that at the time hosted the DJs of the French touch — Cassius / Bloody Betroots / Kavinsky. With the buddies, we would get drunk and go there to dance the pogo. Once Steve Aoki — who sang with The Bloody Beetroots (Warp) — came by. We met him in the club, with his bottle of champagne. I’m not particularly a fan of his productions — but it was an opportunity to immortalize a moment with this electric character.

The Bloody Beetroots - WARP 2.0 (Ft. Steve Aoki)


🍲Music Noodle Scoop

Noodle soup is a variety of soup composed of noodles and other ingredients served in a light broth. The noodles may have been made with rice, wheat or eggs. Nothing related to a limp penis.

- Your most Wat de Phởq track ? Why ?

Hmmm. I would say First Contact by Volruptus. Not because the track is weird in itself but because of the slap I got in my face when I first listened to it. I’ve been playing Volruptus for several years now and it’s really become one of my, maybe even my favorite producer.

The music he produces is exactly what I want to listen to and play (even if it can be a bit dark sometimes in clubs). Otherwise, more recently, there’s Impulse from Forest Drive West that just came out and it’s been quite a smack for me too.

- An EP you wouldn't release ?

Benihana pleasures — A Teppanyaki Love Story

Kristan Kino featuring Steve Aoki & Devon Aoki.

PHOQ Records [2020] Gypsy Jazz style — inspired by Django Reinhardt — with “Free For Life” vocals and full of FX — Vocoder/Auto Tune/ Delay. The idea is that the lyrics make a reference to Benihana food, I would see: "Hmmm Hmmmm and Aaaah, Aaaah, Aaaah".

Design made by our amazing creative team.

- Reverb or Delay ?

Reverb — REVERB REVERB. It is the FX that gives the texture. For example, a little reverb on percussions with a slow release. Reverb is a bit like a layer of chocolate on a good cupcake.



Relaxed, intimate conversation that often occurs between two sexual partners after sexual activity, usually accompanied by hugs, caresses, kisses and other physical contact.

- A Wat De Phoq anecdote about you?

During the day, when no one is looking, I become a chartered accountant. No, I’m kidding. I guess the most Wat de Phơq thing that happened to me recently is that I gained 12 kg of muscle during this period of lockdown. I’ve been eating a lot.

- So, your champion tip for some Sugoi Muscles?

Chicken Bread — ask Bella for the recipe — Peanut Butter / Almonds / Protein Shaker. All this together with 300 abs 5 times a week — and alternating muscle development — BICEPS / SHOULDER TRICEPS / BACK / LEGS — legs sessions always stand on Monday for more motivation.

- Your definition of a "DJ" ?

A DJ is someone who respects the music and the audience. Someone who feels privileged to be able to create a story and share his passion with others. A DJ is someone who loves to share. I have a really hard time with some DJs who try to scratch 10 to 15 minutes on a set because they want to be “seen”. It’s great to play music in a club and see people smiling and dancing to the music we play. It’s also very important, as a DJ, to understand where the music comes from and how to play it.

Basically I would say that my definition of the word DJ is to be in a way a “teacher”. Because the DJ has to be looking for music all the time, honing his style, impressing technically, and respecting his peers and the public. So it’s all about research and education.

- The final commandment ?

Prout. Explosion de Caca.


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