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ROMJET. Max Mason
|Boiled Wonderland Records|

Boiled Wonderland Records is a 2020-born project between Max Mason and long-time confidante (and fellow music friend), Vell — the pair sat on the label idea for four years after being inspired during their time living in Cambodia together. 

For his debut outing on their joint-imprint, Max Mason ‘Romjet’ is a crafty amalgamation of Cambodian sonic artefacts that have come by his way, almost like a bit of musical serendipity. He describes ‘Romjet’ as “a sensory overload, using a foliage of local boat races, bands, street side sellers and karaoke broadcasts, it combines all of this with a wide range of influences within the electronic music spectrum. Romjet twists and turns much like life in Asia.”

Accompanying the release is a hypnotic, trippy music video that was filmed in Hanoi, with Cambodia and Asia’s darker side of escapism in mind. 

Production _ PCS (Phoq Creative Studio)
Creative Direction _ Thibaut Rabier, Julien Boulay
Camera Operator _ Thibaut Rabier
Post-Production _ Julien Boulay

date. 2020

city. Hanoi

Phoq Creative Studio 

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