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The Lighthouse. PHOQ Sessions #007 
[Vynnibal, VN]



Phoq Creative Studio 

 PHOQ Sessions, a project combining music and video is intended to promote electronic music in Vietnam, in a culture where it remains still marginal and unknown. We also aim to highlight all kind of cultural and environmental heritage and all various local initiatives. The collective is therefore looking for collaborations in different asian cities

In this episode, we visited our lovely friends at in Saigon, and had some great discovers. On the rooftop is Vynnibal [VN], a skilled-local DJ, regular in the Vietnamese scene. She's been playing all over with her surgical sets and earned a firm spot in the national scene. 

Production _ PCS (Phoq Creative Studio)
Creative Director _ Thibaut Rabier, Julien Boulay
Camera Director _  Thibaut Rabier
Post-Production Director _ Julien Boulay

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